ART OF THE DEAL: Trump gives Schumer an ULTIMATUM after he refuses to fund the wall


Late Tuesday night, President Trump called out Chuck Schumer after he withdrew the offer to fund the wall. Trump said that if there is no WALL, there will be NO DACA!

President Trump has stayed firm on this promise, and there’s no way in hell he’s going to ever budge on this issue.

Here’s what he tweeted:

“Cryin’ Chuck Schumer fully understands, especially after his humiliating defeat, that if there is no Wall, there is no DACA. We must have safety and security, together with a strong Military, for our great people!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

As the Washington Examiner points out, Schumer announced Monday that he would withdraw terms he gave to Trump last week that stipulated Democrats would agree to $25 billion for border security, including a wall, in exchange for protecting so-called “Dreamers,” or young illegal immigrant brought to the U.S. as children.

After the Democrats caved on immigration earlier this week, Trump signaled that he would be open to negotiating:

However, it appears now that Schumer has taken the main negotiating subject off the table. Trump and his supporters want the WALL, and we will not make any deal unless that wall is included.

Take a look at this young mans brilliant explanation as to why we need the wall:

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