Army Veteran Dies After Shameful Hospital Treatment…This Happened


A US Army veteran died recently following what can only be described as shameful treatment at a veterans facility in Oklahoma.

Owen Reese Peterson died in early October at the age of 73. He was admitted to the facility in Talihina, Oklahoma with a severe infection.

Shameful treatment of a veteran

Peterson’s son, Raymie Parker, told the Tulsa World that he pleaded with staff to increase his father’s medication and change his bandages more often.

Instead, Parker said he “met with a stonewall” for most of the 21 days his father was hospitalized.

Even prior to his death, Parker and other family members were horrified to find Peterson’s wounds infested with maggots.

Hospital officials launched an investigation. Four staff members assigned to Peterson promptly resigned, rather than face dismissal.

State officials are debating filing criminal charges.

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