Army Vet Shot 13 Times SHUTS DOWN Protesters, This is How Things Work in Iraq


Army Sgt. Jay Strobino, who served in Iraq and was shot 13 times, spoke with Independent Journal Review where he shuts down Airport protesters in few sentences, explaining what really happens in Iraq.

“There aren’t rules and there isn’t a system of loyalty in Iraq,” he explained.

In Iraq, he said, politics is different than in America. Trust and loyalty are things that are impossible to come by, which is why we shouldn’t just be willing to let anyone who helped out troops into this country, no questions asked, as Strobino demonstrated with one example.

“There was one guy who helped us a few times with odd jobs, manual labor mainly. He established trust, so we let him into our compound,” he explained.

“We ended up finding out from our interpreters that he was gathering intelligence on us. Our interpreter told us that he was reporting to others about where we slept, what our positions were, where the guards were the strongest, stuff like that,” he recounted.

In Iraq, Strobino said, it was impossible to know who the enemy was.

“There were varying degrees of confidence. You could talk to someone one day, and he would say ‘yes, yeah, yeah.’ The next day, he wouldn’t do what he was asked, or, he might even attack you,” Strobino stated.

What do you think, should we send these protesters with their signs to Iraq? So they will finally learn!

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