Armed Muslim BUSTS INTO Christian Conference, Forces Americans To Do Something HORRIBLE


Make no mistake about it. There are Muslims in America who are violently committed to subverting our culture and civilization.

And thanks to 8 years of Obama’s encouragement, they have grown dangerously bold.

Hundreds of Christians attending a conference in South Dakota learned that in a terrifying assault by a Muslim man brandishing serious firepower.

Pamela Geller was in touch with the conference organizers, who reported that the man, Ehab Jabar, showed up with a Quran in one hand and an automatic weapon in the other.

He was first noticed filming the conference. A police officer asked him to stop, at which point Jabar became threatening, and admitted to having a concealed gun.

After being asked to leave, Jabar proceeded to the parking lot, where he filmed several Facebook Live clips of his threatening non-Muslim Americans while showing off a number of hand guns.

“Be afraid” and “be terrified” are the phrases he used to intimidate Christians in this country.

What’s infuriating is that Jabar was allowed to simply leave after he was done issuing his ARMED threats.

Can anyone imagine the response if this had been an armed CHRISTIAN issuing such threats at a MUSLIM conference?

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He’d be in jail, and the liberal mainstream media would be going on about it for WEEKS.

But when a Muslim threatens Christians… crickets.

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