Armed man enters Trump Tower, says he needs to see Ivanka


52 year old man armed with knives and wearing a bulletproof vest enters Trump Tower claiming to be a U.S. Senator.  Says he is there to talk to Ivanka about a new dress line.

Secret Service handles the situation promptly.   I bet they did!  I was at Trump Tower recently and quite impressed with the safety measures taken. Even with my MAGA hat!

Adames Benitez of Queens is taken into custody by NYPD where he is facing charges.  Additionally, he is taken to hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Ivanka Trump was in Germany at the time (July 7, 2017), facing word throwing media, I might add.  Seems many are upset with her taking a seat at the G-20 when the president was away.  She is on staff.  Seems to me Bobby Kennedy, also a family member, was involved in the JFK presidency?  Oh yea, a democrat, so suppose that doesn’t count…not even going to mention young Hillary and HER involvement.




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