Arkansas Just Did Something That Has Every Muslim SCREAMING


Arkansas’ House of Representatives just enraged every Muslim in the state with something that every other American state needs to copy.

It should be obvious. This is America. And the law of the land is American law. But after 8 years of Obama, it seems Muslims have gotten used to getting their way.

Well, Arkansas has said ENOUGH!

A new bill passed by the state government determines that state courts can ONLY use AMERICAN LAW when making decisions.

The motion did not specifically mention Sharia Law, but that’s why it was introduced.

Far too often, Muslim immigrants had demanded that the courts respect Sharia Law when making decisions.

Sounds silly. But it had been happening.

What even sadder is that the bill passed by a vote of 63-24.

TWENTY-FOUR state representatives essentially said they have no problem with AMERICAN courts ruling in accordance with Sharia Law.


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Others argued that the bill “infringed on the courts.”

Seriously?! It’s an infringement to demand that AMERICAN courts rule using only AMERICAN law?

Liberals these days…

H/T Freedom Daily

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