Arizona Sheriff: Thanks to Biden, Mexican Smugglers Now Have Their Own High-Speed Roads in America


Roads across the southwestern United States are becoming drug-trafficking highways, according to an Arizona sheriff.

After President Joe Biden’s executive order in January halting construction of the southern border wall, workers “just built roads for the cartels,” Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels told The Washington Times.

Throughout the Trump administration, alongside the border wall itself, high-speed roads were built for use by the Border Patrol to better police America’s southern border.

However, when Biden stopped construction, workers had to put down their tools and leave a lot of still-unconstructed border wall — making the entire area not only less secure but much easier for illegal drug cartels to traverse.

That’s what Dannels is concerned about, as his county covers just over 80 miles of the border area.

“One area that’s wide open right now, we’re getting five to six groups a day,” he told The Times. “It’s almost worse than it was before. We just built them infrastructure.”

According to the sheriff, most feedback on the wall comes from county residents and is positive, with “the majority saying it works — it really works.”

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