Arizona Rally Demands Release Of Jan. 6 ‘Political Prisoners’


Hoisting flags and political signs, more than 250 Arizona conservatives rallied in Scottsdale on Wednesday to demand the release of pro-Trump protesters being held in federal prisons since Jan. 6.

“This nation will not be [made] safe by cowards,” said keynote speaker Matt Braynard of Look Ahead America, co-sponsor of the rally with local branch Look Ahead Arizona, at Sue Wood’s Scottsdale Studios.

Both groups called upon conservatives to organize at the community level to free more than 500 pro-Trump protesters in federal custody.

Braynard, a former Trump data analyst, is leading the charge with Look Ahead America to release what he called “political prisoners.”

He said Wednesday’s rally was a run-up to a large political protest to be held Saturday at a federal prison in Washington.

While the FBI has arrested 535 protesters, Braynard said, “in almost all cases, these were non-violent” people.

“They’re losing their jobs because their employers don’t want to employ them,” Braynard said, adding that 100 to 200 have been held without bail since they were arrested.

“They’re not forgotten,” he said, as he remembered the shooting death of Ashley Babbitt by a still unidentified White House security member inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

“I can’t help but wonder how a 90-pound woman who clearly was not armed—why the response was a bullet,” Braynard said. “You’re in the cross-hairs too. The insurrection narrative is the root of a very poisonous tree—the ‘Big Lie’ of insurrection.”

Wednesday’s rally was framed around Arizona’s coyote-skin clad “Q-Anon Shaman,” Jacob Chansley, who turned himself in to authorities three days after the DC protest.

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Jeff Blase of Phoenix, wielding a “Free Jake!” sign, said he attended the rally to support Chansley and other political detainees.

“If you know anything about Jake he’s a non-violent person,” said Blase, who participated in other protests with Chansley. “Jake is a very smart individual as well.”

To prove his point, Blase said Chansley was videotaped inside the Senate Chambers leading … (Read more)

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