Arizona Legislature Closes As Trump Lawyers Push For Special Session To Pick Electors


Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis blasted Arizona’s speaker of the House on Sunday night after the state legislature closed following news that her colleague Rudy Giuliani tested positive for coronavirus days after speaking to Arizona state lawmakers about allegations of election fraud.

The Arizona legislature closed for the coming week after Giuliani and Ellis held an 11-hour hearing with a panel of Republican state lawmakers last week, the Arizona Capitol Times reported. Lawmakers will be forced to cancel some partially remote interim committee meetings, according to the Arizona Capitol Times.

Ellis’ criticism of House Speaker Rusty Bowers comes as President Donald Trump’s allies in the state are pushing for the Arizona legislature to overhaul how the state’s electors are chosen and recall Arizona’s certification of the election.

“Absolutely unnecessary. Call [Speaker] Rusty Bowers in AZ and tell him not to use COVID as an EXCUSE!!” Ellis wrote on Twitter.

The Trump legal team’s efforts to urge state lawmakers to override the results of the election and appoint their own electors is “furthest along” in Georgia with other efforts in Arizona and Michigan, Giuliani told “Sunday Morning Futures.”

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