Arizona Election Audit Attracts Pennsylvania Gop Legislators Hopeful For Their Own Review


The Arizona Senate’s 2020 election audit in Maricopa County drew a group of Republican legislators from Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who was present at the Jan. 6 siege of the U. S. Capitol, state Sen. Cris Dush, and state Rep. Rob Kauffman visited the controversial inquiry on Wednesday. Mastriano’s office said the delegation witnessed firsthand “the most comprehensive election audit in the history of [the] United States.”

The state senator said Arizona legislators invited the trio.

“Transparency is a must in our republic. Every citizen should be confident that their vote counts,” Mastriano said in a statement. “There are ZERO taxpayer dollars being used for the trip.”

He also told WEEO-FM that his group would take the “information back to the Senate leadership” and “back-brief them on the way ahead, and then hopefully we can come up with an approach here to make sure every person in Pennsylvania can rest assured they have one vote, and it counts.”

Dush told one reporter that he “absolutely” wants to see a similar audit in Pennsylvania, according to the Associated Press.

Mastriano faced controversy after he was seen outside the U. S. Capitol on the day of the riot. However, he claims he did not cross police lines and left the premises when the situation turned violent, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A day after the breach, Pennsylvania state Minority Leader Jay Costa, a Democrat, demanded the GOP leader abdicate his post for proliferating claims of unsubstantiated election fraud.

“He has questioned the integrity of our elections without evidence, wasted taxpayer resources with sham hearings that claimed fraud without proof, and yesterday he was intimately engaged in t… (Read more)

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