Are There Really 15,000 Trannies in the US Military? Fact Check Reveals the TRUTH


Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media love to throw around made-up numbers and statistics to “prove” their case.

But today it’s easier than ever to expose them as liars and hypocrites.

When Trump announced that he’d no longer allow transgendered people to serve in the US military, Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) tweeted that the president had directly assaulted no fewer than 15,000 of our soldiers.

That sounds like a big number. Which in itself would seem odd, given that, despite the enormous amount of noise they and their supporters make, transgendered people make up a minuscule percentage of our population.

The media wasn’t about to let healthy skepticism get in the way, and ran fast and hard with Takano’s made-up figure.

A Daily Caller fact check revealed that the 15,000 number was a mere estimate based on a 2014 survey of the general public. One of the questions on the survey was “Have you ever been a member of the armed forces?”

The study collected just 6,500 valid answers, and it included those from folks who very well may no longer be in the military. How they estimated 15,000 ACTIVE DUTY transgender soldiers from that result is anyone’s guess.

A somewhat more reliable study by the RAND Corporation took estimates from numerous studies and other data to arrive at a figure of just 1,510 ACTIVE DUTY transgender soldiers in the US military.

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Which makes a LOT more sense, and definitely puts Trump’s decision in its proper context.

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