Apple CEO Tim Cook Admits to His Crime. Trump’s Coming For Him


Smugly, believing himself to be above the law, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to admit his company’s blatant crime against America.

If Cook thinks Trump won’t come after Apple because it’s too big of a tech powerhouse, then he’s dead wrong.

In a tweet that liberals will no doubt hail as “heroic,” Cook acknowledged that Apple has hired 250 illegal immigrants, and demanded that the Trump Administration keep them in the country.

“Dreamers” refers to the children of illegal immigrants who were granted temporary residency status under Obama’s DREAM Act.

Their continued stay in the US was conditioned on meeting certain requirements and qualifications upon reaching adulthood.

Trump has vowed to end the “Dreamers” program since Democrats have largely failed to enforce the bill’s stipulations, and have instead used it to flood America with millions more illegal immigrants.

One of the top responses to Cook’s tweet urged Apple to adhere to the rule of law, rather than pander to the liberal agenda:

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