AOC Insults Our Forefathers… She Thinks She Knows More Than Them


This is what happens when a bartender becomes a member of Congress, we get BS like this. 

AOC believes the electoral college is a “scam.” Does she even know what the EC is? More than likely, she thinks it’s a real college. 

From Business insider:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the Electoral College “a scam” that undermines the voices of voters of color in a series of Instagram Stories on Monday.

The New York Democrat shared a March New York magazine story titled “Here’s Every Defense of the Electoral College — and Why They’re All Wrong” and pointed to data that African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American voters are underrepresented by the Electoral College compared with white Americans. This is in part because people of color are less likely to live in rural states, which are afforded at least three Electoral College votes regardless of population size.

“Due to severe racial disparities in certain states, the electoral college effectively weighs white voters over voters of color, as opposed to a ‘one person, one vote’ system where all our voters are counted equally,” she wrote.

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