‘Anything I’m Doing At 4 In The Morning Is Not Good’: Fox Panel Blasts Biden Admin For ‘Hiding’ Illegal Immigrant Flights


Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters criticized President Joe Biden’s administration over late-night flights transporting illegal immigrants across the country.

Gutfeld and Watters argued on “The Five” that the Biden administration appeared to be “hiding” the flights from public view by scheduling them to take place at four in the morning.

“Jesse, anything I’m doing at 4 in the morning can’t be good,” Gutfeld began.

“That is my point, anybody that does something in secret, they are not proud of that. You’re not proud of that. No one is proud of what you are doing in secret in the middle of the night,” Watters agreed. “Joe knows he’s wrong. He knows he’s wrong. He feels guilty about it, that is why he’s hiding this like a coward.”

Watters then challenged the Biden administration to “own it” and come before the American people and make the case for the way they were handling the situation at the U. S.-Mexico border.

“He won’t because he can’t, he knows if people know about this policy, the country will be appalled and that’s why no one besides Fox will report this,” Watters continued.

He went on to argue that the adminis… (Read more)

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