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Antifa Thugs Just Learned Why You Don’t Mess With Texas


Oh, that police across the entire country would respond to the Antifa terrorist threat like this. That’s my wish.

Because as much as they claim to be championing true freedom, it’s violence from these very “anti-fascist” thugs that makes me most fearful for my safety and that of my family.

And in far too many cases of Antifa violence, the police, likely acting on politically-correct orders from on high, are nowhere to be found.

Well, not so in Texas, where Antifa crashed a “confederate” rally in capital of Austin.

Texas cops weren’t about to let Antifa get away with wanton violence and destruction, and were seen in numerous photos and videos roughly restraining the thugs.

Well done, men!

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May we see a LOT more of this “take charge” attitude from police.

Because, while Antifa might make a lot of noise, and have the backing of the liberal mainstream media, they do NOT represent the will of the American people at large.

They are a menace and a threat that needs to be put down.

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