Antifa THUGS Crash Funeral of Counter-Protestor Killed in Charlottesville


Once again demonstrating just how truly fascist, not to mention inconsiderate, they are, Antifa thugs crashed the funeral of a white woman killed by a white supremacist at the Charlottesville rally.

The family of Heather Heyer have sought to encourage national healing and unity in the wake of her tragic death.

But Antifa was looking only to exploit her demise to further sow hatred and division.

From The Daily Caller:

A group of antifascist protesters armed with purple shields and bats showed up to the Wednesday funeral of a woman mowed down by a white supremacist who struck her with a vehicle.

Antifa, a collection of left-wing protesters, decided to crash the funeral of Heather Heyer, a white woman who died after a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of protesters during a white nationalist riot.

The antifascist activists claimed they showed up armed because “the police won’t protect the people,” according to a reporter on the scene.

Over at Constitution they correctly opined:

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This is quite possibly one of the worst displays of liberalism that we have seen in the wake of Charlottesville, but it certainly won’t be the last.

By appropriating the death of Heyer, her family’s grief, and the political tsunami that has already flooded the nation in her wake, these “antifa” protesters have once again demonstrated their complete lack of empathy and decorum.  Their selfishness and unethical use of Heyer’s funeral for political gain only serves to stoke the flames of political violence in our great nation.

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