Antifa Author Tweets Calls for Violence Against Police… No Censorship


Vicky Osterweil is desperate for your attention.

WARNING: The Twitter posts below contain graphic language that some readers will find offensive.

Here’s what Osterweil had to say about police in some recent Twitter posts, captured in screen shots by conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

“My shrill a** self thinks there’s only one thing to do. ATTACK,” Osterweil tweeted early Sunday morning. “This is not the time for defense, respectability, reorganization. We gotta take what we got and throw it at the motherf******, because at the moment those two pincers (anti-trans, anti-protest) are deeply unpopular”

“f*** that, f*** 12, f*** the national guard, trans girls are gonna rip apart your f****** transport carriers and force femme you with glitter bombs and molotovs,” he tweeted in a separate missive.

(For those who might not have heard it before, “f*** 12” is slang for “f*** the police.” It’s unclear where the phrase originated, although Vocativ reported in 2014 that the “12” refers to narcotics officers. While we’re at arcane slang you might not be familiar with, Osterweil’s Twitter user name — @Vicky_ACAB — includes the popular far-left acronym which stands for “all cops are b***ards.”)

Osterweil has protected the Twitter account after receiving backlash, according to Fox News.

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