Antifa Attacks Afghan War Vet After He Says He Supports President Trump [VIDEO]


The “free-speech” rally in Boston has had a massive turnout. But it didn’t come without its provocateurs.

A senior woman was assaulted by a protester who ripped the American flag right out of her hands.

Antifa also decided to surround the entryway into the rally and confront other attendees. At one point, an Afghan war veteran was taking questions from the media about the reason he was at the rally.

The veteran said, “I’m here to support President Trump.”

Antifa didn’t like that. In response, it decided to drown out the veteran in a profane chant, yelling “f**k off, Nazi scum”:

But nobody appeared to ask antifa members to stop insulting the veteran — not the media, nor any of the bystanders.


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