Anti-White Racism Reaches New Heights Under Authorities Appointed by Obama


Barack Obama was definitely NOT “everyone’s president.” In fact, he did more to cause racial and class division than any president before him.

Under Obama, anti-white racism in America reached new heights.

And that dismal legacy is continuing to affect America even after he left the White House.

But things might be starting to turn around under President Trump.

A county official in Alabama was just awarded $136,600 in damages after she and two other long-time white state employees were PURGED to make room for new black employees.

The plaintiff, former Hale County Administrator Tricia Galbreath, had accused the then-Hale County Commission chairman and Probate Judge Arthur Crawford of terminating her due to her race and age.

Galbreath’s employment was terminated during what a federal magistrate ruled was a “systemic purging of white county employees.”

After Crawford, who is black, was elected in November 2012, the County Administrator, Chief Clerk of the Probate Court, and County Attorney – all of whom were white – were fired and replaced with younger black employees.

In September 2015 a federal magistrate ruled that the firing of the three employees had been without legitimate basis and was part of a purge conducted on an explicitly racial basis.

That is the terrible, race-baiting legacy of Barack Obama.

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Let’s pray that under Trump we can turn this situation around and save America.

Source: AL.com

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