Anti-Trump Reuters Reporter Tries to Slam Trump. BIG MISTAKE. He Instead Gets Taken to School


Is this what passes for objective reporting these days?

Reuters’ White House correspondent Jeff Mason has such a strong personal desire to smear President Trump that he can’t even be bothered to check simple, publicly-available facts.

And these guys are supposed to be the “gatekeepers” of the news that keeps Americans informed?

If so, then we’ve got a serious problem.

Anyway, to the matter at hand…

On Wednesday, Mason left a White House briefing fuming mad after Trump asserted that there were as many as 35 million illegal immigrants living in the US.

Without doing any due diligence whatsoever, Mason took to Twitter to call out the president:

“Trump says, without evidence, there are probably 30-35 million people in the United States illegally,” claimed Mason.

This, folks, is the very definition of “fake news.” Mason, as a supposedly unbiased reporter, explicitly accuses Trump of throwing out made-up facts without any supporting evidence. But the truth is that Trump did check the evidence. It’s Mason who’s throwing around unsubstantiated opinions.

And The Daily Caller’s Emily Larsen caught him on it:

She wrote: “Most estimates, based on Census data checked against estimates on lawful immigrants, say there are around 11 million undocumented. But a newish Yale study says it could be as high as 35 million.”

That’s right, a Yale University study recently revealed that the true number of undocumented immigrants in the US today could be as high as 35 million.

If Mason were as concerned with checking such evidence as he was with unduly smearing the president’s reputation, then maybe he could provide us with genuinely unbiased reporting that included all the relevant information.

But, he’s not. Like most in the mainstream media, Mason and his bosses at Reuters are only interested in advancing their anti-Trump agenda, the facts be damned.

H/T Western Journalism

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