Anti-Trump Propaganda Found in Children’s Backpacks. OUTRAGED Parents Did THIS to Local School


The anti-Trump behavior in this country is really getting out of control.

Liberals accuse Trump of being a fascist, but here they are trying to indoctrinate school children against the nation’s duly elected president.

The Daily Gazette of Schenectady, New York reports that parents of elementary school children there found anti-Trump propaganda in their backpacks.

The fliers had been given to the children by one of their teachers.

On the fliers was a denunciation of President Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, along with the phone numbers for senators from New York, including Chuck Schumer.

It accused Trump of “attempt[ing] to destroy public schools” in America, and urged parents to “shield our students and schools” from the president.

Parents were outraged.

“I was shocked that there was material being handed to my kid that blatantly creates division between my son and his president – in his eyes,” said one. “My 6-year-old just saw a big headline at the top that he needs to be shielded from his president.”

The upset mother sent the flier back to the school with a handwritten note expressing her displeasure.

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The school administration later apologized and claimed the fliers were never supposed to be given to the children, but rather to sympathetic parents directly.

Either those instructions failed to get to the teachers, or liberal teachers are simply doing and saying as they please in front of our children.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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