Anti-Trump Maryland Gov. Hogan Paid for Flawed Coronavirus Tests from South Korea


Coronavirus tests ordered by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan in April from South Korea turn out to have been flawed, and were never used.

The media celebrated Maryland’s Republican governor as a hero in April — and a contrast to President Donald Trump — after he directed his state to buy 500,000 coronavirus tests from South Korea, greeting the delivery in person at the airport.

The New York Times reported that Hogan had decided to act after being “frustrated” by the Trump administration’s alleged lack of progress on testing. Hogan also enjoyed glowing coverage from NPR. The Associated Press hailed his South Korea-born wife as a “rock star” for her reported role in securing the tests.

But it later emerged that the tests were not being used, and that Hogan had paid for the same tests that U.S. manufacturers were offering for 20%-30% less.

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that the tests were a failure — and one that Hogan tried to cover up.

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