Anti-Trump DACA Protestors Spot a Homeless Black Man. What They Do For Him is Incredible


Liberals are protesting President Trump’s position on DACA and illegal immigration claiming that he’s uncaring, unsympathetic and inhumane.

So what a group of these protestors in Washington, DC did when they were approached by a homeless black man is very telling, indeed.

If Trump’s uncaring and heartless, and they are protesting him for being such, then surely that means these liberals must be caring and generous, right? Right?!

What would a caring and generous person do when he or she is approached by the most needy in our society? Share some food, perhaps? Maybe give a few dollars? At the very least, some acknowledgement in the form of a handshake or other gesture?

How about absolutely NOTHING? Because that’s what these “caring and generous” liberals did for one homeless man who so rudely interrupted their protest.

This just goes to show how phony these protests really are.

It has very little to do with the “Dreamers.” It has everything to do with “resisting” Trump.

How else can you explain that these liberals will fight to use taxpayer money to support and integrate foreigners who entered the country illegally, but can’t be bothered to even acknowledge a homeless American, let alone give him a few bucks?!

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