Anti-Gun Media Darling David Hogg Went Too Far, and Now He’s Paying the Price


Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg has been making the most of his extended 15 minutes of fame.

He’s become a top darling of the mainstream media in their campaign against the Second Amendment.

The problem is that we’re talking about a kid who doesn’t always know when to hold his tongue.

Some of Hogg’s recent remarks landed him in hot water, even among fellow gun control-advocates, and shone a spotlight on any media outlets foolhardy enough to still cozy up to him.

In a tweet last week urging Americans to vote for those candidates most firmly committed to gun control in the upcoming midterm election, Hogg seemed to dehumanize those who disagree with his agenda (WARNING: crass language):

Just in case the tweet is later deleted, it reads:

“We don’t need Democrats or Republicans to be elected we need fucking human beings that actually give a shit about kids dying. Elect human beings NOT career politicians.”

Kyle Kashuv, a fellow Parkland survivor who unfortunately receives far less media attention, slammed Hogg for being so boorish:

Now, Kashuv is on record as opposing gun control. But even those who agree with Hogg’s quest to confiscate all privately-held guns were taken aback by his tactless rhetoric:

That was Karoli Kuns, editor of the liberal anti-Republican website “Crooks and Liars,” cautioning Hogg against potentially dehumanizing those on the Democratic side of the aisle who might not yet be with the program.

H/T Independent Journal Review

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