Anti-Gun Crybaby David Hogg Just Said About the Dumbest Thing Ever


More reasonable Democrats and liberals must cringe every time David Hogg opens his mouth.

Sure, he’s great for television news ratings, but his logic is so embarrassingly wrong that he’s become a liability for the left.

You just knew Hogg was going to open his big mouth in the aftermath of that tragic Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

And, naturally, he wants to exploit the massacre to push his own anti-gun agenda.

In particular, Hogg took issue with the notion being pushed by conservatives that it takes good people with guns to stop the bad people with guns.

Hogg’s ridiculous conclusion? It’s all just marketing to sell more guns.

“When they say ‘the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,’ what they’re trying to do is sell you two guns,” Hogg told MSNBC as he tried to sound all grown up.

The obvious flaw with Hogg’s logic is that the people we call in situations like that in Pittsburgh are the police. In fact, and of course, it was police officers who ultimately put an end to the synagogue shooting.

And, what are police? They are (or are supposed to be, and usually are) good guys with guns. Because, that’s what it takes to stop bad guys with guns.

You know what happens when a country has only bad guys with guns with no good guys with guns to oppose them? Take a look at Nazi Germany. That’s what happens. Or, take a look at war-torn Syria. That’s what happens.

When bad guys with guns can waltz into town and do whatever they want unopposed, that’s when we’re in real trouble.

Via Breitbart

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