Anti-America Kneeling Protests Just Took a Very Troubling New Turn


It’s one thing for private citizens like the millionaire man-babies of the NFL to engage in childish anti-America protests.

It’s quite another for elected officials whose salaries are paid by US taxpayers to do the same.

But that’s precisely what happened at a city council meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Michigan Live reported that during the Pledge of Allegiance that proceeds every city council meeting, four members very publicly “took a knee.”

The four were identified as Chip Smith, Chuck Warpehoski, Sumi Kailasapathy and Jason Frenzel.

And not only did they take a knee, they made sure everyone SAW them take a knee.

Rather than quietly protest where they were sitting, the four moved to the front of the room just before the pledge and knelt in front of the entire room.

So disgraceful.

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