Anthony Weiner Drops a Shocker on Hillary Clinton, and Democrats are Furious


Hillary Clinton’s written a book trying to explain how in the world she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. But even without that work of fiction, that’d be a question a lot of liberals would keep asking for at least a decade to come.

Former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner thinks he knows the answer.

That teenage girl he was trading sexually explicit message with, well, turns out she didn’t really want to see his, er, wiener. She was trying to take down Hillary!

At least, that was Weiner’s defense in court.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Lawyers for former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner described his “operatic self-destruction” in a filing Wednesday ahead of his sentencing for trading sexually explicit messages with a minor, saying the teenager had targeted him both for personal profit and “to influence the U.S. presidential election.”

In a memo that detailed years of Mr. Weiner’s sexually explicit exchanges with strangers, his lawyers characterized the former congressman’s political career and personal indiscretions as driven in part by the same desire for attention.

Now, remember, Weiner is married to Hillary’s right-hand woman, Huma Abedin, so there is some connection.

But, still, COME ON!

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