Another Mysterious Murder with Clinton Ties remains UNSOLVED


Seems amazing with the growing string of mysterious deaths linked to this family that nothing ever comes of it.  In fact, the Mrs. almost became our president. The string ever lengthens, but nothing happens.  ‘Where there is smoke there is fire’, unless you are a Clinton.


On August 23rd, 1987, two teenage boys- Don Henry (16) and Kevin Ives (17) were run over by a cargo train in Bryant, Arkansas. They were lying next to each other in straight lines across the tracks, and failed to move when the driver honked at them. The train was unable to stop in time. The boys had gone out to do some late-night hunting, and Don’s rifle was lying beside them. Several witnesses said they were partially covered by a green tarp.

The boys had gone hunting when they happened upon the scene of a drug drop, which many say may have had connections to the Clintons, when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Since then, more reports reveal several deaths surrounding the alleged Clinton drug smuggling operations at Mena airport.

Originally, the deaths of the two boys were ruled to be a tragic accident. The state medical examiner ruled that Don and Kevin had the equivalent of “20 marijuana cigarettes” in their system, and were too impaired to hear the oncoming train. Despite the several reports of a green tarp covering the boys on the tracks, no tarp was found, and police who searched the scene denied that it ever existed. The families of the boys insisted that the scenario posed didn’t make any sense, and finally forced them to reopen the case five months later.

A new autopsy concluded that they boys had smoked not 20, but 1-3 joints between the two of them. Stab marks were found on Don’s shirt, and it was determined that by the time the train hit them, one of the boys was already dead, the other unconscious. The deaths were reclassified as homicides.

Rumors circulated of an unidentified man in military fatigues loitering in the area both in the days prior to Don and Kevin’s murders and on that same night, but he was never identified. One witness has come forward and stated that he saw a police officer beating two boys in a store parking lot, tossing them into a truck, and driving away, but it has not been confirmed that they were Kevin and Don.

The prevailing theory is that they accidentally witnessed a drug drop. Linda Ives (Kevin’s mother) released a video in 1996 detailing the cover-up of an alleged drug ring in Saline county and implicated many people in this conspiracy. The family has an extensive website dedicated to the evidence for their claims.

The evidence presented on Unsolved Mysteries website is pretty intensive and intriguing.

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Here’s a link to the Unsolved Mysteries summary of the case:

Here’s Linda Ives’ (mother of Kevin Ives) website:

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