Another Biden Gaffe: Americans Making Under $400K Will ‘Not Pay a Single Penny in Taxes’


Here’s Biden going straight-up Friedrich Hayek during a speech in Virginia on Monday where he announced the biggest tax cut since the federal income tax was instituted in 1913:


“The reason I’m bothering to do this is I keep hearing on the press, ‘Biden’s going to raise your taxes,’” Biden told the audience at Tidewater Community College in Yorktown, Virginia, on Monday, according to a Rev.com transcript.

“Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes. And we will not increase the deficit either, unlike the last gigantic tax cut, which increased the deficit by $2 trillion.”

That’s some magic trick you’ve got there, Mr. President. Eliminating taxes for anyone under $400,000 and ensuring the deficit doesn’t go up by a single cent? Impressive.

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