Angry Mom Tells Democrats to Cut the Crap


There’s a lot of yelling going on in the town square these days.

It’s getting hard to be heard above the din of liberal “outrage”.

It might be that the voice of one Ana Samuel, a Ph.D and academic director, won’t be heard over all the noise.

But her’s is the kind of reasoned response we need more of as we battle the increasingly ludicrous positions of the liberal left.

Recently, the media was all over the story of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg attacking Vice President Mike Pence for opposing homosexuality on biblical grounds. “Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator,” Buttigieg told Pence, suggesting that, despite what the Bible says, God has no problem with homosexuality.

Buttigieg went on to encourage other like-minded liberals to similarly stand up to those who continue to hold to biblical and/or conservative family values.

That’s when Ana Samuel could no longer hold back.

In a sharp piece published at Public Discourse, this Latina mama of six went right for the jugular in reminding Buttigieg of the intolerant liberal policies that conservatives like her must face every day:

“I’m talking about policies that undermine our parental rights and duties by seeking to indoctrinate our children in progressive sexual ideology without our consent and sometimes in spite of our explicit protest.

“And last but not least, the latest round of violence against children: efforts to entice children to question the reality of their sex through school gender-transitioning ceremonies, pronoun-sensitivity training, and other transgender propaganda.

“Parents have historically enjoyed the right to direct the education and upbringing of their children, under the correct presumption that parents — rather than school counselors, psychiatrists, teachers, government bureaucrats, or any other persons — are best able to act in their children’s best interests. Now, activists are pushing courts to allow minors to receive puberty-blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones against their parents’ objections.”

In short, it’s time for Democrats and liberals to cut the crap.

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