Anger over Ivanka & Jared’s dinner companions!!


Main stream media is LIVID over just WHO Ivanka and Jared are spotted with in Southampton over the weekend.  None other than a peck of liberals. They proceed to wonder if Ivanka and Jared are just posers in this Republican White House. Nothing like spewing a bit of trash ALL ABOUT NOTHING.

Apparently a party they attended over the weekend included George Soros,  Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and others. Of course Soros, who allegedly paid protestors to march against Trump, is a known pest.

Many other less disruptive but known liberal ‘stars’ of Hollywood were there, but really…THIS WAS A SOCIAL GATHERING…a PARTY!!

Little do these snowflakes know that people can respectfully gather and have a good time, despite differing opinions.

Not mentioned but also attending said soiree were known Republican activist David Koch, and Kellyanne Conway, senior counselor to the president. Of course mentioning THAT would take away from MSM’s plot that Ivanka and Jared are posers!

Ironic, in that wouldn’t the main stream media WANT them to be???  Kinda like 2 +2 = 4, but they don’t get that far!! They are too busy RANTING about 2!!

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