Andrew Cuomo Complains That Looters Are Getting Out Of Jail, But It Is His Bail Reform



Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing for looters to be charged with bail-eligible crimes — after his sweeping bail reforms made that all but impossible.

New York’s bail reforms, which took effect January 1 of this year, removed the option of cash bail for a number of misdemeanors and non-violent felonies — which included stealing from stores or looting, which is classified as “burglary in the third degree.”

NYPD tells Fox News – they have made approximately 500 arrests for burglary, citywide, with approximately 400 of them in Manhattan. NYPD says numbers will go up as more arrests are processed. Almost all arrested will be released without bail due to the city’s bail reform laws.

Cuomo, according to a report from News 1 New York, has called on police in the wake of multiple nights of unrest and looting to elevate charges against looters in order to make it easier police to hold them.

“You look at these videos, it would be nonsensical if the police … (Read more)

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