Anderson Cooper FAILED Covering Up His Lies About President Trump INSULT! – Possible Charges!


As we all already know, CNN‘s far-left, anti-Trump host Anderson Cooper is one of the most biased public persons in the last decade.

He, as well as a wide range of liberal TV hosts, politicians actors, and many others, went completely berzerk after Trump won the Presidential race and immediately started jumping on our then-new President and everything Conservative beside him.

Anderson Cooper, for instance, decided to bash President Trump again for absolutely no reason.

After the totally unexpected loss of Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, President Trump responded on Twitter, “The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right!” he added. “Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!”

On this, Cooper responded with completely unprofessional and arrogant tweet:

“Oh Really? You endorsed him you tool! Pathetic loser.”

After this blooper, Anderson probably realized that his sick mind has gotten that far and instead of facing the truth he decided to make fake claims to squeeze out of the situation.

“Just woke up to find out someone gained access to my twitter account. [I] have not sent a tweet in days or replied to any tweets. We are looking into how this happened.”

His fellows CNN tried to back him up hopelessly:

“Geolocation tools confirm that the tweet in question was not sent from Anderson Cooper’s phone. Anderson was in Washington, and we have proof the tweet was sent from New York, from a phone belonging to his assistant.”

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“His assistant inadvertently left his phone unlocked and unattended at the gym early this morning, and someone took the phone and sent the tweet. His assistant, who has worked with Anderson for more than a decade, is the only other person with access to Anderson’s Twitter account.” – they added.

Cooper’s disrespectful tweet and his ridiculous explanation didn’t go unnoticed as the Twitter community rise up to criticize this maniac. “Not to sound like Alex Jones, but why would someone temporarily steal a phone owned by Anderson Cooper’s assistant, who was in a gym in a different city than Anderson Cooper? And how would that person know it was logged in to that Twitter account?” – One Twitter user stated.

He is lying and he is going to pay for it. Are you fed up with liberal insulting our President and then slipping through like nothing happened?

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