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Ancient Inscription Found in Galilee Synagogue Holds STUNNING Secret


Archeology in the Land of Israel never ceases to amaze.

Experts working in the northern Galilee region have, quite by accident, discovered an inscription that confirms previous suspicions.

While doing restoration work on an ancient synagogue in the Galilee town of Peki’in, archeologists noticed something engraved on a stone column capital sitting upside-down in an adjacent area.

“A preliminary analysis of the engravings suggests that these are dedicatory inscriptions honoring donors to the synagogue,” an Israel Antiquities Authority official told The Jerusalem Post.

Jewish tradition identifies Peki’in as an important center of Jewish learning and spiritual life during the Roman and Byzantine periods – during and in the centuries following Jesus’ ministry.

But secular scholars have often disagreed. And politically correct power brokers often side with the Arab Muslim world in denying any Jewish connection to the area at all.

Like many other archeological finds, this one again proves the naysayers wrong.

“It is a place where there has always been a Jewish presence,” said Israel’s Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ze’ev Elkin. “It’s a great honor for me that during my tenure in office such an important discovery has been made that tells this 2,000-year-old story of the Land of Israel.”

Uriel Rosenboym, director of the local museum in Peki’in added: “It’s a historical discovery of unparalleled importance. No one can argue with a written artifact. There was an ancient synagogue here.”

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