Amount of Personal Wealth Trump Has Sacrificed to Make America Great is Staggering


President Donald Trump put his vast wealth and business interests aside when he embarked on the journey to become President and help restore America’s status as a world superpower.

Not being able to personally oversee the day-to-day details and dealings of his companies, the value of Trump’s vast business empire has taken a large hit. His companies have shed $100 million in value since May of last year.

The Trump Organization saw a $70 million dip in the value of their golf and resort properties in the past year. According to a Bloombergreport, the drop in Trump’s wealth is the second drop in the past two years, or as long as Trump has been president.

President Trump’s net worth was estimated in early 2017 to be $2.9 billion. The newest figures put his net worth around $2.8 billion. While that seems like a small dip percentage wise, $100 million is an unfathomable sum to 99.9% of Americans.

Some might say that Trump is a bad businessman for walking away from his companies to help make America great again, but on the other hand it shows just how much the president loves his country and how much he is willing to sacrifice for it.

Source: Trump rejects business criticism by WFTX

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