Americans Want a Female President … Hillary? NO! Nikki Haley … this is WHY!


After Ambassador Nikki Haley’s recent success in the United Nations, her toughness and resolve to hold a line have many wanting to see her make a run for president in 2020.

Fox News contributor and retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said she “may end up as our first female president.”

Standing up to the U.N. and even threatening that the United States would pull funding if the U.N. voted against the president’s decision has made many Americans view her as a strong leader.

Peters added:

“I fully support moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and God knows we could use a tougher line at the U.N.”

Peters said that the threat to cut funding was an emotional one and that doing so would abandon our allies, Egypt, and Jordan.

“The threat was ill-advised about cutting funding … We’re certainly not going to cut funding to countries like Jordan or even Egypt at a critical time like this.

I fully support it emotionally, but you’ve got to be tactically as well as strategically good. And I think we took a slight misstep. But my heart’s behind this.”

Nevertheless, Peters is definitely a fan of Haley and her accomplishments for the country. He even likened her to the Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher:

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It sounds like the campaign train has already started when Peters says, “She’s sticking up for truth, justice, and the American way.”

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It’s not just Peters who sees this, but a simple search on Twitter shows that many Americans are already starting to campaign for Haley:

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