Americans Turn Against Starbucks – This is the Last Straw


Starbucks has a knack for getting itself into trouble by wading too deeply into political issues.

For a company that relies on appealing to the broadest number of potential customers, Starbucks sure does seem determined to chase away not only conservatives, but anyone with half a brain.

The coffee chain came under fire from ultra-liberal media outlets recently after a branch in Philadelphia had two young men arrested after they refused to leave the store.

The two came in to use the restroom, but were told that the facilities were only for paying customers. A pretty standard policy for nearly every restaurant, cafe or store anywhere in the world.

So, how does Starbucks respond?

By declaring a new policy opening its restrooms and entire storefronts to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether or not they buy something.

It’s liberalism on steroids.

And, true to such ultra-liberalism, it was done without truly thinking through the consequences.

Many genuine customers now fear that Starbucks branches in more populated areas will no longer have enough seating for them with all the freeloaders hanging out inside.

Others say there are much more serious concerns, like Starbucks outlets effectively becoming homeless shelters and drug havens.

The company claimed that staff had been provided special instructions on how to deal with anyone abusing the new open-door policy, but who really believes that the college student working behind the counter is going to put his or her life at risk to ask a deranged freeloader or group of gang-bangers to leave the store?

Source: Fox News

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