Americans Are Cheering After Georgia Becomes First State To Do This To Muslim Refugees


It’s not that America is suddenly resistant to immigration. Our nation was built on immigration.

But we will NOT TOLERATE those seeking shelter here to try to subvert American culture and values.

Either immigrants are seeking the American dream, in which case they need to integrate, or they have more sinister motives for coming and should be denied entry.

But what about the millions of subversive Muslim immigrants already in the country?

Something needs to be done to prevent their assault on American culture.

The State of Georgia has an idea on how to handle that.

From The New York Evening:

A Georgia state legislator has introduced legislation that would ban burqas and traditional Muslim veils.

State Rep. Jason Spencer (R) filed legislation on Wednesday that would prevent women from posing for driver’s license photos while wearing a veil. The measure also adds burqas to a law that makes it a misdemeanor to wear a face covering in public or while driving.

Spencer argues that this bill is specifically intended to reduce fear about Islamic terrorism. Spencer’s bill would prevent women from wearing head coverings while driving or while walking down a public sidewalk.

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“This bill is simply a response to constituents that do have concerns of the rise of Islamic terrorism, and we in the State of Georgia do not want our laws used against us,” Spencer told WSB-TV in Atlanta.

No doubt, Georgia is going to face a major liberal backlash.

What do you think? Should this law be implemented in more states?

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