Americans Can’t Believe Who Trump Just Let Through the Door of the Oval Office


So much for that Hollywood boycott of President Trump.

Seems some big names aren’t on board with that whole “resistance” thing.

Still, while it was a nice public relations win, a lot of Americans were left scratching their heads over Trump inviting socialite Kim Kardashian, of all people, to the Oval Office to discuss prison reform.

Trump was clearly proud of the moment, tweeting out a picture of him and Kardashian at his desk:

For Kardashian, it was more than just a photo-op.

While many voiced criticism over the reality TV star advocating for an issue she knows little about, others noted that at least she’s doing something about it besides whining.

Prison reform has been on Trump’s agenda since the election campaign, and the meeting with Kardashian will likely provide the public relations boost needed to implement some real changes.

H/T The Hill

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