Americans Are Shocked by What Hillary Clinton Just Posted on Twitter


Hillary Clinton is acting like anything but a dignified political leader after losing last year’s presidential election to Donald Trump.

Her book “What Happened” is just the icing on the cake of her post-election tantrums and excuses.

Apparently, Hillary’s hoping that book will propel her back to prominence and make people believe she’s relevant enough to challenge a future election.

So, she’s doing everything possible to promote what’s essentially a work of fiction dressed up like a political documentary.

But some of those promotional efforts are just plain weird. Creepy, even, in the words of Conservative Tribune.

That’s Hillary on Twitter, asking us to believe that a group of teenagers were so thrilled with her book that they broke out in dance at a local book store.

As has been pointed out, a small local bookshop wouldn’t have the resources to produce such a choreographed and polished music video.

But Hillary’s own campaign would.

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The move was just so very transparent, and fellow Twitter users let Hillary know it in brutal fashion.

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