Americans are Furious After Oprah Winfrey Bans Christianity


Oprah Winfrey’s new movie is out.

And, going by the high expectations it garnered, Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” isn’t doing so well at the box office.

Sure, it earned over $33 million on its first weekend, but that’s far below predictions, given that it’s based on one of the most beloved books of all time.

So, how could the book be so wildly popular, and the movie just do so-so at the box office?

Well, the thing is that Disney and the new-age Oprah Winfrey (she certainly had a hand in this) decided to alter the story in one very critical way: They REMOVED God.

The original book by author Madeline L’Engle is full of references to God, Jesus and Christian faith.

The movie? Not one mention. Instead, the characters fight a much more vague battle of “evil” vs “light.”

In addition to making less money than Disney hoped, the movie has also racked up a disappointing score of 42 percent on film review site Rotten Tomatoes.

Insider suggested that de-Christianizing the movie is actually what led it’s poor showing.

You think? DUH!

“By removing the religious themes, the movie version of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ loses part of its narrative arc. This leads to a confusing storyline and muddled message,” wrote Insider.

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