American Rancher Posts Dire Warning: Food Shortages In US Imminent, Food Being Destroyed [Video]


…. Greater dependence on foreign food sources, the decline of our economy and independence, and food shortages are all part of your planned future.  A future where compliance is mandated by an all-encompassing government.

Rancher Shad Sullivan reports from one battlefield in America’s heartland where effects of the contagion from the Wuhan virus, not the virus itself, is being manipulated to destroy us from within…

“State officials will… if necessary advise and assist on depopulation and disposal methods.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are plowing under vegetable crops from coast to coast.  We are euthanizing millions of chickens.  We are aborting sows and burying feeder pigs.  We are dumping milk by the hundreds of thousands of gallons and now…

They are preparing us to depopulate the fat cattle ready to harvest…”


“The first shipment of imported beef from the country of namibia hit the shores of the United States of America.”

There is nothing more American than our cattle ranchers.  Rise now to defend them or you’ll find yourself with nothing left to defend… or, to defend you.

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