American Forces Just Killed 100 Russians – Putin is Not Happy


It’s being called the first major engagement between American and Russian forces since the Vietnam War.

In Syria last week, Russian ground forces fighting on behalf of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad attacked a base held by American and allied Syrian rebel forces.

The retaliatory American strikes reportedly killed at least 100 Russian soldiers.

US military spokesman Col. Thomas F. Veale stated:

“Coalition officials were in regular communication with Russian counterparts before, during and after the thwarted, unprovoked attack.”

Col. Veale further noted that Russian official has assured US and coalition partners that the base would not be attacked. Shortly after, rounds were fired, “supported by artillery, tanks and multiple-launch rocket systems.”

Russian officials later denied any involvement in the attack, but a number of families in Russia reported losing loved ones in Syria immediately after the battle.

Source: Daily Express

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