“America Can’t Be Mexico’s Welfare System… Many Illegals are Criminals.” You Won’t Believe WHO Said That!


It’s always amusing how Democrats think they can get away with flip-flopping their positions to fit the current mood and that no one will be any the wiser.

This is the Internet age. Everything they have ever said is documented and cached online, easily searchable by every man, woman and child in this country.

So it’s comically hypocritical for top Democrats to now be lambasting President Trump over his policies regarding illegal immigration from Mexico when they themselves held VERY similar positions just 20 years ago.

Take, for instance, Dianne Feinstein of California.

In 1994, she was at the forefront of new legislation aimed at halting the growing threat of illegal immigration from Mexico.

In a series of television appearances, Feinstein insisted that “America can not be Mexico’s welfare system” and not-so-subtly suggested that many of the illegals crossing the border were criminals.

What’s even more amazing is that Feinstein described her positions as “moderate,” though today she attacks Trump’s policies, which mirror her own, as fascist.

You can’t hide from this Dianne, and we urge all our readers to keep sharing this until the Democrats are finally forced to admit their hypocrisy:

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