Ambulance Carjacked At Gunpoint With EMT, Patient Still Inside


Houston, TX – An armed carjacker stole an ambulance at gunpoint and sped off with a patient and an emergency medical technician (EMT) still in the back of the vehicle early Friday morning.

The ambulance was traveling near Beechnut and the 610 West Loop at approximately 3 a.m. when a vehicle suddenly ran the emergency vehicle off the road, the Houston Police Department (HPD) said in a tweet.

A gunman confronted the ambulance driver and fired multiple rounds before kicking him out of the driver’s seat and commandeering the vehicle, WFAAreported.

Police said the suspect “took the ambulance at gunpoint” and left the driver on the side of the road.

In the back, a second EMT was trying to help a patient they were transporting, WFAA reported.

The EMT later said she knew something was awry when she realized they weren’t heading towards the hospital anymore.

That’s when she looked through the window towards the cab and saw someone other than her partner driving the ambulance, WFAA reported.

The EMT, a 10-year veteran of the fire department, said the carjacker pointed his gun at her at one point and got on the radio several times, telling the dispatcher he was the guy “driving the ambulance” and that he wanted “to talk to somebody.”

Both EMTs were able to call for help, KPRC reported.

The HPD used the ambulance’s GPS system to track the vehicle down.

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The EMT and the officers were able to convince the suspect to surrender near the Southwest Freeway and Weslayan, WFAA reported.

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