Amazon Pulls Allah Doormats – But You Can Still Wipe Your Feet on Jesus


Amazon has bowed to Muslim pressure and stopped selling a line of doormats that featured the name of “Allah” in Arabic.

Amazon received scattered complaints about the doormats. But then Mariam Khan, a British Labour Party Councillor and Muslim, got involved and tipped the scales.

Khan took to Twitter to stir up outrage over the doormats. And then she called Amazon to unleash her fury.

“These mats are extremely offensive to Muslims,” she said. “I have spoken to Amazon and have been told that they will be removed.”

Shortly after her outburst, the Allah doormats could no longer be purchased on Amazon.

Double standard

But, shoppers will notice that they can still buy doormats with the name of Jesus and other biblical references. There are even doormats openly mocking Jesus and the Christian faith.

Seems like a double standard to me.

H/T TheBlaze

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