Amazing 2017! White House Christmas Decorations Cause a Liberal Meltdown [Video]


The 2017 Christmas decorations were unveiled in a stunning video montage showing the incredibly tasteful display complete with a nativity scene.

The White House has never looked more like Christmas.

Melania did an incredible job!


TWITTER was immediately abuzz over the White House decorations…The overwhelming majority of negative comments refer to how the decorations are “over the top” or “tacky”. The hate for all things Trump was visible in scorching comments from snowflakes:

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Yes, there were comments about the nativity scene too. The Hill commented on the nativity scene being included in Trump’s first White House Christmas. Why wouldn’t it be?

Rumors swirled during Obama’s presidency about whether the nativity scene would be displayed. We found that the Obamas discussed a “non-secular” Christmas but didn’t follow through with it…Can you imagine?

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