Alyssa Milano Warned Against Electronic Voting Machines in 2018: ‘We Need Paper Ballots’


Actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter in 2018 to warn her followers about electronic voting machines and how easily they could be hacked, stressing the need for paper ballots.

“IMPORTANT QUESTION: Is the possibility of Russia tampering with the midterm elections freaking you out? It should be freaking you out. It’s a real possibility,” tweeted Milano in ahead of the 2018 Midterm Elections. “I feel the need to point out (again) that our voting system is vulnerable to attack. Citizens of 13 states will be voting in the midterms on insecure, obsolete, hackable, paperless voting machines that cannot be recounted.”

“Here’s an excellent 5 minute video called, ‘I Hacked an Election. So Can the Russians.’ It shows how you can REMOTELY rig a paperless Diebold voting machine,” added Milano, sharing a New York Times video of a hacker demonstrating how easily he can hack into an electronic voting machine and switch votes.

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