America’s Allies Already Turning to Trump, Knowing Obama’s the Lamest Duck


Donald Trump’s not even in the White House yet, and already America’s allies are turning to him on important matters.

Obama’s not just a lame duck president, he is despised by some of our most important global partners.

On Thursday, Egypt tabled a resolution at the UN Security Council demanding Israel halt all Jewish settlement activity in the so-called West Bank, including the eastern side of Jerusalem.

As Trump himself pointed out, the resolution would put Israel in an impossible negotiating situation. The guy knows negotiating. And that would just make peace even more impossible.

But Obama had signaled that he would take the unusual step of not using American’s veto in the Council to squash the resolution.

“All the signs show that this was a [diplomatic] hit by Obama against [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and the settlements,” a government source told Israel’s Channel 2 News.

So, which of these two guys sounds more presidential to you?

The Donald

Knowing it could not rely on Obama, Israel turned to Trump. And “The Donald” delivered.

Egypt suddenly pulled the resolution just hours before the vote. What changed their minds? A phone call from Trump to Egypt President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

Israeli officials thanked Trump for saving the Jewish state from one final jab from a spiteful Obama.

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Israel’s ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer, expressed the Jewish state’s “deep appreciation” for the president-elect’s efforts.

Our two nations are off to a great new start under Trump!

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