ALERT: Tanks Massing on North Korean Border


Amid talk of unprecedented negotiations between North Korea and South Korea, satellite imagery confirms that both sides are massing forces in preparation for war.

South Korea has reportedly sent a large number of tanks, artillery that can intercept nuclear-tipped shells fired by the North, and infantry to the border.

Officials in Seoul are calling this a “routine” maneuver, but the timing, just as North Korea is about to test more nuclear weapons, couldn’t be more conspicuous.

The two bitter Korean enemies will sit down for talks on Tuesday, after Northern dictator Kim Jong-Un expressed his willingness to do so in a New Year’s speech.

President Trump and our allies in Japan are concerned that the talks are a stalling tactic so that North Korea can fully field nuclear weapons without additional American interference.

Also on the agenda will be the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea, which many are fearful the North will threaten.

Source: The Daily Express

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